Tips on how to help sell your home

Edel Quinn Properties in Donegal Town

15th June 2021

  • Appearance is everything.
  • Decorate in a neutral style.
  • Remove family photographs, knick-knacks, and memorabilia, this will take you out of the picture so that your potential buyer can imagine themselves in your space.
  • Give the illusion of space with wall mirrors, they bounce light around dark areas and also make them appear larger.
  • Let in as much natural light as possible.
  • Maximise light by opening curtains, blinds.
  • Try not to block your windows with furniture etc.
  • Use air fresheners or candles in your rooms especially near pet areas or bathrooms.


Clean your house and declutter.

  • Draw up a list, sort everything into categories.
  • Things moving with you.Things you can throw out.
  • Things you can donate/ sell.
  • Pay attention to storage. Clear out cluttered spaces, so they appear to have more room.
  • Clear out storage areas ie. garage/ attic.
  • Clean every room from top to bottom.
  • Declutter and move trash.


Small maintenance fixes

  • Repair cracks/ holes in the walls.
  • Replace chipped or broken tiles.
  • Repaint any rooms where the paint is peeling. 


Highlight your homes best features

  • Make your fireplace, or any features ie, pool a focal point arrange furniture to make it a focal point.



  • Clean thoroughly.
  • Remove clutter/ cleaning products.
  • Keep the toilet seat down.
  • Use air fresheners or candles.
  • Use white towels, to add elegance, roll some, and place in a woven basket.



  • Declutter worktops of appliances etc.
  • Place a vase of flowers on the table or Island.
  • Keep pet items ie. food bowls out of the kitchen area.



  • Your bed is a focal point, ensure it is well made. It may have to appeal to both sexes so ensure it is decorated in neutral tones.
  • White and neutral bed linen is appealing.
  • Add some cushions for a luxurious feel.



  • Keep your lawns tidy where possible as people carry out drive-by’s before booking appointments
  • Does the street lawns need some weeding? This shows the property has been cared for continuously.


These home tips might seem obvious, but it can’t be overstated enough.

Clean bathrooms and kitchens sell houses!

We hope you enjoy some of our valuable tips to help you sell your home.

Feel free to contact us for a free pre-sales valuation and advice on selling your property.